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When Facebook Crashed Phone Networks Jammed

CHICAGO - USA - When online social networking site, Facebook, was offline for over half-an-hour yesterday, phone networks worldwide noticed a massive surge in volume of calls.

“We noticed a massive hike in call volume. This was because Facebook was down for maintenance and people had to update their friends on what they were doing by telephone.,” Archie Seymour, head of operations for AT&T reported.

Reggie Cornholio, 26, a resident of Las Vegas, who is an avid Facebook user said: “I had to call all of my 342 Facebook friends and give them a manual telephone update of what I had done in the half hour that Facebook was down. It took me over four hours to call everyone and tell them that I had just gone to the gym and was going to sit down and watch an episode of CSI.”

Luckily for the distraught Facebook users, the outage only lasted for half-an-hour and as soon as the networking site was back up and running, there were sighs of relief all around.

“I have to admit that I cried like a baby when I fired up Facebook on my computer and it blinked up on the screen again. It was like an old friend I had lost for thirty years. I immediately made about 15 updates and once again the world was an OK place to be in,” Mr Cornholio added.

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