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Facebook to Unjustly Delete Daily Squib Account

LONDON - England - Facebook has contacted us today to say they will unjustly delete our profile page for no valid reason.

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We have just been informed, with no recourse or reason, Facebook will delete our account by September 27.

We have tried numerous times to contact the staff of Facebook to get some information, and to show we are a legitimate satirical news website, but countless times there has not been any reply. There is no one to phone, and emails sent are from NOREPLY addresses.

Treated like criminals for simply writing proper satire, we are now also blocked from accessing our account or posting.

The Daily Squib was on Facebook for 12 years.

We would sincerely like to extend our apologies to our followers on that account. If you would please bookmark the Daily Squib https://www.dailysquib.co.uk you can check out our daily articles, and all the others from past history.

The timing to coincide with the Daily Squib’s publication of its Anthology on October 1 is curiously suspicious, but it showcases another injustice where real Juvenalian satire is punished within a climate that is clearly becoming more Orwellian by the day.

In light of the news received today, you can support the Squib and true satire by buying our book. It would make a great Xmas stocking filler, or alternatively leave it in the bathroom in case you ever run out of TP.

Therefore, thank you for cancelling the Daily Squib off your platform, Facebook. To the faceless people behind your exploitative intelligence gathering tool…your Facebook name puts forward a misleading impression that it has a face — in reality it has none.

UPDATE – 30 September

For some reason, our account is still up, and we are now even allowed to post articles on there. This may change at any moment, as we have not received any more threatening emails from FB.


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