Zucked! $251,000,000,000 Wiped

PALO ALTO - USA - Looks like Zuck got truly zucked! $251 Billion lost in a few minutes of trading.


What does $251.3 Billion look like in the Metaverse? Ask Mark Zuckerberg, who lost $30 Billion in his personal fortune yesterday after stockholders realised there is a mass exodus of users from Facebook. Zuck got zucked in the ass — hard!

What could you have done with $30 Billion? That amount could have at least funded one Meta rocket to rival Bezos, Musk, and Branson.

zucked meta facebook dropOne could also argue that a lot of these internet behemoths are valued on thin air, and when that thin air gets too thin, all you get is space.


Zuck got Zucked. Just retire to Beijing where your true heart lies, and leave us alone. At least you can enjoy the billions you have left. Just please stop your Facebook and Meta crap. It’s old and tired already, and most people with any modicum of awareness or dignity have long since gone.

Live and Let Die Myspace Facebook!