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Zuck Twitter Clone to Create Safe Echo Chamber For Shallow Deluded People

PALO ALTO - USA - Another horrific grotesque mind prison social media Twitter clone from Zuckerberg for deluded people.

Afraid of reality? Like to look through rose-tinted glasses and delude yourself about the harsh realities occurring on a daily basis in the world, then Zuckerberg’s new Twitter clone heavily censored social media site is for you. If you are a shallow, no news kind of person who cannot cope with reality, then you are most welcome at this fake, plastic, echo chamber for the new breed of deluded intolerant liberals devoid of any real awareness intent on heavy censorship of everything.

We can assure the public that they are better off letting corporate and government censors protect them from harmful thoughts

Who wants to know about the harsh realities and problems that face humanity within the fields of politics, conflict and society? Instead, you are a putrid coward with no dignity and one of those Instagram plastic banal narcissists only concerned with portraying a fake image of your ‘wonderful’ inane artificial existence while Zuckerberg strips you of all your data, profiting off it.

Embrace the Marxist echo chamber where reality does not exist, and you are indoctrinated daily in woke ideology, virtue signalling and inane otiose chatter that wastes your limited time on this earth talking about utter useless shit that serves no purpose but to squander time.

Brain prison

Zuckerberg’s new Twitter clone is just another digital lobotomy for the putrid brainless masses to indulge themselves in, and this is a service served well by the Meta corporation creating these awful horrible digital prison atrocities daily.

One can only hope that Zuck’s Meta World or whatever it is called in the future will have all these fuckers locked into comatose states with these programs linked directly to their central neocortex. It will certainly be a quieter world as they are all in their darkened rooms enacting their dreams of social media stardom in states of utter silence and rigidity. This will be death before actual physical death, as they are entertained to become ineffectual human voids, useless pieces of meat in permanent vegetative states. They will most certainly be fed through tubes and their waste siphoned out of them, reconditioned, then probably fed back to them. Once their hearts stop pumping, they will be put into acid baths and liquified, and the nutrients fed back to the comatose idiots still linked to the system.

Musk’s Twitter is no different to Zuckerberg’s creepy censorship prisons. Heavy-handed censorship is still prevalent on the site, even after the previous regime was supposedly turfed out. Despite promising change, sites like the Daily Squib are still permanently shadowbanned on Twitter.

Your life is meaningless on Instagram as it is on any grotesque Zuckerberg mental prison. It is just that you are too fucking stupid, pathetic, narcissistic and shallow to realise it.

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