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‘I tried the hack for perfectly cut tomatoes and it blew my mind’

CHICAGO - USA - A TikToker literally blew her mind when she tried a viral hack for perfectly cut tomatoes.

A woman has been left mind-blown after trying out a viral hack cutting tomatoes and discovering it worked.

A TikToker, who goes by the name gendleblatt52z, shared the video and asked her followers: “Is the viral tomato hack the secret to perfectly cut tomatoes? Let’s try it.”

She immediately increased her follower count by 23 million, as she also became TikTok famous.

To do the tomato hack, first, you need to get a tomato, she said, which according to experts should never be stored under a mattress.

Next, you put the tomato on a chopping board.

“You need to use a sharp knife to chop the tomato into slices,” she said.

The TikToker said this is the moment when you put the knife on the tomato and apply some pressure.

She went on: “So you’re gently slicing the tomato.”

After slicing several of the tomatoes, she then put them in a bowl.

Describing how she cut the tomatoes, she said: “I put just enough pressure on the knife so it slices through the tomato.”

Next, she said she picked up the chopping board and scraped the tomato slices into the bowl.

“I’ve tried lots of different methods, but I’ve never gotten one that works so well. Golly gosh! This has truly changed my life. You too must watch my TikTok channel and subscribe.

“So this was a surprise.”

After cutting the tomatoes, she added them to a salad before eating them.

She said: “This gets a yes from me because my tomatoes are now sliced and this one came out perfect.”

The TikToker held up the tomato slices, showing that the TikTok hack does work.

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