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Publisher Sees Sales Surge After Gen Z TikToks Buy Daily Squib Anthology

LONDON - England - The publisher of the Daily Squib Anthology and bookshops have seen a massive surge in sales from Gen Z TikTok users buying the books.

Non-PC anti-woke anti-Marxist book, The Daily Squib Anthology has become an unlikely hit with Gen Z who have been snapping up the book from Curtis Press, and Amazon as a dare on TikTok to shock the new generation.

The Daily Squib Anthology book, has become a sensation on TikTok after youngsters have headed to the publisher’s, Curtis Press, website to buy it.

“I dare each of you to buy ten copies of this shocking book. Whoever buys the most copies and then spreads them around their friends will win the prize,” one TikTok post by Hedonist99 which received 1,000 likes.

The trend appears to be popular with young people, who are keen to prove they are not just a bunch of hyper-sensitive wet fart Generation Z snowflakes that cower in safe spaces all the time.

The Daily Squib Newspaper, which has an official royal un-warrant, was established in 1862 by the 6th Duke of Pembroke, Francis Wellesley.

In the book, there are tonnes of satirical news articles from the Daily Squib which are considered subversive, downright dangerous and excruciatingly shocking, especially to the new generation of youngsters who cannot fathom such things without crying into their handkerchiefs or fleeing to a safe space.

“When I bought the Daily Squib Anthology, I thought it would be some tame, soulless, watered down woke communist-friendly faux satire preachy propaganda like all the other so-called ‘satire’ sites on the internet,” one TikTok post from creator Banggaz (@bangaz911) explained. “In fact, the book is truly shocking raw Juvenalian satire OMG, I had to go for a good cry after flicking through it.”

The Gen Z creator also said the book is dedicated to Roman poet, and satirist Juvenal – and is not woke in any way, which really shocked him.

“Just bought sixteen copies of the Daily Squib Anthology,” one video reads, with more than 8,000 likes.

Another fan said she ‘teared up’ after reading the book, encompassing 15 years of internet satire, in a video with more than 17,000 likes.

The TikTok trend is still going from strength to strength, with millions of TikTok literature fans daring each other to buy the Daily Squib Anthology.

Another TikTok user, Junkrad88, revealed that after reading the Daily Squib book, they farted continuously for four-and-a-half hours before passing out.

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