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China’s Zombie Property Market Threatens Global Recession

BEIJING - China - The Chinese fake economy is threatening global recession, fuelled by its zombie property market.

If it is not some deadly disease released from some shithole Chinese city, you can bet your bottom dollar that the Chins have other plagues to throw onto the globe, like a fucking global economic depression fuelled by a zombie property market that will make the Lehman Brothers quake in their dusty graves. Because the Western globalised economy is so entrenched in the evil communist country, there is bound to be global economic contagion when China implodes.

In China, there are vast ghost cities built all over the country housing a zombie property market where homes are bought as an investment and left to rot away by their owners because of stupid Feng Shui bullshit.

“People buy these properties as an investment, but do not do anything to them. The reason being that if they finish the property and furnish it, then they will not be able to sell it or rent it out ever again. In China, it is a Feng Shui sin to move into a place which has been designed and furnished by someone else, so this is why all these ghost cities with zombie properties exist. The developers are all in serious debt, yet are given even more credit by the CCP to build these monstrous ghost cities to furnish the fake economy of zombie properties where trillions of yen are ploughed in yearly. The Chinese economy is basically a fake zombie husk of shit masquerading as a global superpower. It is all fake, just like their fucking barren fields spray-painted with toxic green paint,” a China analyst revealed to the BBC, before being abruptly cut off for telling the truth.

Hongkong China brutality

What is lauded and adored by the WEF and UN as a model for the rest of the world is in fact a prisoner’s colony where communist indoctrinated zombies inhabit a zombie economy, zombie property market led by a psychopathic communist party that not only commits daily acts of genocide on the Uyghur and Tibetan people but harvests organs from live people to sell to rich and influential foreigners and high ranking communist party commissars.

When the door opened, four burly soldiers carried in a man whose limbs were bound with thin ropes that had cut deeply into his flesh. The man was no more than 18 years old; his organs, the surgical crew had been told the day before, were “healthy, fresh.”

A doctor instructed Dr. Zheng to “step on” the man’s legs and “don’t let him move.” He pressed the man’s legs down with his hands and to his shock, they were warm to the touch. Blood was now flowing from the man’s throat.

He watched a doctor slice open the man’s stomach and two others reach in to remove a kidney each. The man’s legs twitched and his throat moved—although no sound came out.

“Cut his artery and veins, quick!” a doctor told Dr. Zheng. As he did so, so much blood gushed out that it splashed all over Dr. Zheng’s gown and gloves. That was when he got the order to extract the man’s eyes.

Dr. Zheng looked at the man’s face. Staring back at him was a pair of wide-open eyes.

“It was horrifying beyond words. He was looking right at me. His eyelids were moving. He was alive,” Dr. Zheng recounted to The Epoch Times in July, the first time he agreed to use his real name to recount his story.

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