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The Wonderful Environmental Schemes of China

BEIJING - China - The largest polluter on the planet is also its largest waster of commodities, and its corrupt government schemes are to blame.

As the rest of the world is seemingly forced into the Net Zero initiative and are supposedly cutting back on waste and fossil fuels, China is completely ignorant to these silly Western initiatives that make little or no difference. China is the biggest polluter on the planet, and is daily building 100s of coal powered power plants to keep up with the factory orders coming from the West.

If everyone in the West disappeared tomorrow, it would make no difference to global pollution because China would be spitting out their poison into the atmosphere anyway. Net Zero makes no difference, and no amount of environmental initiatives will work, simply because China exists.

Bicycle sharing, known as one of China’s “New Four Major Inventions” originated during a period of mass entrepreneurship and innovation. In May 2015, the first dockless shared bicycles were introduced on the campus of Peking University.

The concept behind bicycle sharing, “Green Travel” and solving the “Last Mile” problem was widely welcomed. In just over two years, more than 70 shared bicycle companies had sprung up. Around 27 million shared bicycles had been deployed to major cities, with distinct colours to differentiate the brands.

Soon, shared bicycles began to overwhelm public spaces in cities. Originally, the government was laissez-faire about the cluttered streets and even encouraged bicycle sharing. They did not realize the seriousness of the issue until September 2017 when the government started to limit the number of bicycles deployed and placing excess bicycles in temporary locations. Such hidden locations are hard to be found in cities and have earned the name “shared bicycle graveyard”. Many shared bicycle companies have therefore closed down, leaving only a few companies still operating.

Billions of Chinese Yuan of user deposits cannot be refunded, and shared bicycles costing tens of billions of Yuan are abandoned and become urban garbage. Since January 2018, the photographer has travelled throughout the country to multiple cities that have been occupied by shared bicycles. He has visited more than 50 shared bicycle cemeteries, using aerial photography, local shooting, VR, video, audio and other multimedia methods to record this social wonder.

On the morning of July 26, 2018, Sohu.com launched these photos and videos, which immediately triggered the crazy forwarding of Chinese and foreign media. The number of hits on the Internet was hundreds of millions of people. Thousands of citizens posted comments on the Internet, and it became a phenomenon level of propagation events. In a mess after the storm, people start to think about various deep-seated problems in the development model driven by China’s current capital interests.

As capital is withdrawn from the shared-bike industry, the much-disputed graveyards of shared bikes have also disappeared as if they had never existed. However, the bloodthirsty nature of capital decides that it will never be stopped.

In 2019, another graveyards made up with shared cars and network cars appeared. Thousands of shared cars and network cars were deserted on various temporary parking sites, waiting to be removed or declared worthless. The brands concerned included Geely, Beiqi, Didi, Meituan and Caocao Travel.

The reasons behind this were the government’s intensified efforts in controlling the motor vehicle market, the drivers, difficulty in earning money brought by the operators, cancelling of subsidies, and the elimination of green energy powered cars launched in the early stages due to malfunction.

While at the same time, bigger capital holders such as FAW, Dongfeng Motor, Changan Motor, Tencent, Alibaba and Suning are itching to try their hands in the field. Maybe another artificial landscape made by the excessive capital flows is just on the way.

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