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To the Spotify Executives: “Told You So…nah, nah, nah, naaah, nah!”

LONDON - England - Spotify executives blinded by greed were burned badly by professional grifter Meghan Markle, with a podcast deal.

Wow! Rarely do we see a confirmation of a previous Squib story more than a recent admission by a Spotify executive that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex successfully completed a grifter mission on the music company.

We were talking about how these dumb executives had been duped over two years ago, but of course no one listened. Who listens to the Squib, eh?

Everything we write has no element of truth in it, simply because real satire in this day and age is not taken seriously or appreciated in any way.

Please ignore everything we write, there is nothing to see here, we cannot foresee the future, we are not right about 99.99% of the fucking time, are we…?

Couple Known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex Spotted Grifting in Beverly Hills Area

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