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King Charles is Not Upholding Duty to the Nation and Monarchy

WINDSOR - England - By not dealing with the constant attacks upon the royal family, King Charles may be failing the nation and monarchy.

The late Queen Elizabeth II upheld the root of the nation and monarchy by immediately taking away Harry’s military duties and uniform rights. This was a staunch message of adherence to the code of the monarchy and its standing within the nation. Prince Harry had chosen a different path as a non-working person apart from the British monarchy, therefore quite rightly he would lose certain privileges and ceremonial rights. The exact opposite can be said about King Charles III, who is putting his wayward lost son ahead of the nation and above the monarchy by allowing him to constantly attack the very institution the King is supposedly head of now. By not punishing the constant attacks via the media apparatus of the British monarchy by Harry and Meghan’s proxies, Charles not only shows extreme weedy weakness but is inadvertently allowing the slow throttling death of what was once a great, majestic ruling institution.

Of course, it is totally normal for conflicting attitudes when dealing with a former member of the family who has turned rogue, however the King must think of his duty to the monarchy and the nation. The incessant attacks will only continue ad infinitum until even more damage is done to the already damaged institution.

In this respect, the King must uphold his sworn duty to the Crown as his mother did and relieve the false widow Sussexes of their titles not only for the good of the nation but as a true sovereign would act in upholding the tenets and honourable rights of the monarchy, which is currently under attack from Harry and Meghan.

Enough is enough. If the current King does not show his force, he will be deemed as irrelevant and an easy target for the foreseeable future and beyond. He will have also damaged the Crown and country by not acting with haste, simply because he is scared of confrontation.

The King must make a simple black and white decision, to let the British monarchy live — or die.

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