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WW3 UPDATE: Slowly But Surely the Escalation of War Continues

LONDON - England - Global conflict and the beginning of WW3 has already begun, and is slowly escalating under the radar of much of the population.

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With the Houthis taking over shipping in the Red Sea and threatening global trade, there is a serious undertone to the escalation of the war in Gaza. WW3 could easily increase in its voracity and proliferation across the rest of the globe.


Distraught shipowners have called for more military protection on maritime routes in the Middle East after the continuous attacks by Iran-backed Houthi rebels in the Red Sea have sparked fears of logistical disruptions to global trade, including oil and gas supplies.

With its connection to the Mediterranean Sea via the Suez Canal, it is one of the most heavily travelled waterways in the world, carrying maritime traffic between Europe and Asia. The Red Sea is the superhighway to the Suez Canal. Judah Levine, Freightos’ head of research, said the Suez Canal sees 50–60 vessels transiting each day for about 19,000 each year, including about 30% of global container traffic.

On Sunday, the Pentagon reported a US warship and three commercial vessels had come under attack off the Yemeni coast. These are the same Houthi rebels who targeted Israeli ships last month. Behind all this nastiness is of course Iran, who is waging a proxy war against Israel, the USA and anyone else who is part of the Great Shaitan alliance.


Meanwhile, in Ukraine, things are quiet on the Eastern front as troops on both sides hunker down for the winter. How long can a bankrupted America which has borne the brunt of the failed Bidenomics spendthrift insanity continue to fund Ukraine and supply weapons, especially as war has broken out in Israel and Gaza? At some point, Uncle Sam is going to have to say the USA is all used up.

The antithesis of giving up funding and arming Ukraine is that Putin finally wins, and is so emboldened that he continues going West towards the grand prize Germany and France. However, if Putin does not win the war and even loses the Crimea, it is a certainty that he will relieve the loss with a few tactical nukes just to show who the boss is in the area. A few tactical nukes on Ukraine would also warn the West to keep out of the affairs of Russia and its underlying borders. Alternatively, the radiation plumes could pass over Europe, killing hundreds of thousands of people. We could be in a full nuclear WW3 retaliation scenario in a matter of weeks.ww3 update war

With arms and military supplies coming from N. Korea, China and Iran, the Russian military can go on fighting for the next five decades, as this is for Russia not only a war for Ukraine but a war for its own shadow, its own honour, and the Russians are playing a long game against a West which seems fatigued by the whole sordid episode.

In China, Xi Jinping is readying to enter WW3 not only by pumping the USA with cheap Fentanyl but its daily jaunts into Taiwanese airspace. The Chinese J-10 and J-16 aircraft and helicopters operating off central Taiwan and to the island’s southwest, crossing over the Taiwan Strait’s median line at will, are an early sign of Chinese bravado when it comes to its stance on invasion. Taiwan’s ruling separatist Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) will be headed by Lai Ching-Te will cause Beijing serious headaches if they win the January 16 election. What China wants is a pro-Chinese alliance in Taiwan, but they are not getting one. This in itself could lead to war, and with an insouciant Joe Biden standing around like a ghost, he may even let China take the small island, which would open the door for more conquest for China in the region.

With Trump riding high in the presidential race polls for 2024, the focus will shift towards the United States which for the past few decades has been the Disunited States, where populations have never been so polarised apart from the times of Civil War. The only thing that gets American socialists to scream and cry in the streets is a Trump win, and although entertaining to watch, it could mean another civil war in America. Consequently, if Trump loses again after being cheated at the polls once more, this could bring about civil war as well.

Thankfully, most of the global population, especially in the West, are completely oblivious to what is actually happening, and may it stay that way. We certainly do not need anyone waking up to reality; it is better for them to continue watching their game shows and Strictly Come Dancing episodes.

Now that the great Henry Kissinger has popped his clogs, it is up to the Daily Squib to take up his immense insight and intuition within the geopolitical field (only joking). Next month, another WW3 update.

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  1. I sincerely thought this was bullshit from the Daily Squib but I have been reading other newspapers as well and it seems the DS is prescient in its analysis. You seem to have been first in reporting the coming next great war. I am glad I read it here first.

    Here is an example posted on the 8 December when your article was posted on the 6 December: https://www.express.co.uk/comment/expresscomment/1843578/world-war-3-Russia-winning-Ukraine-war-USA-pulling-Zelensky-funding

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