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Interconnected: The Internet Only Creates War For Humanity

LONDON - England - In an interconnected world on steroids, every part of human existence is analysed and filed by parasitical exploitative entities.

When humans become too interconnected, they reject this state through war because too much connection creates a reaction of disconnection and a run to privacy. Our inherent differences are accentuated to a point that eventually sows the seeds for conflict on and off the internet.

We are told day in day out that humans have to communicate with each other constantly through smartphones, the internet, social media, but no one has factored in the consequences of such levels of communication because they were blinded by the revenue made from connectivity overload.

Of course, humans need some level of communication and connection with each other, but the situation we are at now is at a level of overload.

When was the last time you sat at a desk and wrote a letter to someone on a piece of paper?

When was the last time you had a real conversation with someone face to face, and not impersonal cold digital words with a stranger on the internet who interacts with thousands of other impersonal messages every day?

This is the ultimate paradox that through more connectivity humans have grown further apart from each other and there is a very good reason humankind will head to complete global war soon.

One of the reasons for rejection of the internet beast is the loss of privacy, of space, of real human contact, of community, of family and of love.

The digital beast is a cold hard obtuse world of code with no warmth and human eye to eye, face to face connection. Zoom conferences do not substitute reality in any way but present a cold digital representation of human connectivity that is ultimately soulless.

The prying incessant eyes of communication now delve into our lives with an extreme hunger for data on every part of our existence, and daily our loss of privacy is getting worse. Humans need privacy, but now every form you fill in for anything requires invasive data to be revealed that infringes on our rights as humans. Every part of your life is now digitized and filed/sold.

All of this unhappiness naturally builds up to a crescendo, not only with individuals, but entire nations are soaked with this spam world malaise that infects every part of our existence. If you know that much data about your enemies then you know where to attack, where their weaknesses are and how to destroy your enemy with the most effectiveness.

This level of interconnectedness will eventually backfire because it is now intrusive and one could even say a form of bullying to eek out every piece of information from people just wanting to live their lives in peace.

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  1. Internets ir ļauns. Tas ir radījis vairāk sāpju nekā jebkas cits šajā pasaulē, un cilvēki ir no tā atkarīgi. Es ienīstu internetu un vēlos grāmatu dienas.

  2. I have seen the internet from the beginning and the changes it has gone through. Those beautiful days of the early internet are now sadly a distant memory. What we have now is something far from freedom and terrifying.

  3. War is good for the economy because of arms manufacturing and when other countries are destroyed companies get to re-build creating more wealth.

  4. Without the internet or social media there is no progress. We need to be more connected as a species because it is fueling our economies and increasing our understanding of each other. Whoever wrote this piece is a trogladyte and needs to live in a cave.

  5. I am writing my doctorate on this very subject, I hope you will allow me to quote some of your article. Do not worry, I will cite the reference.

  6. I live in Jaipur and I connect with people all over the world in seconds I cannot see anything bad about it.

  7. Islam is the original and we do not need the internet no my dear friends the only thing you need is the Holy Quran.

  8. I work for a company that scrapes data from the web and uses that data to sell people products they did not know they wanted. The funny thing is it works. These dumbf*ck people just give us their money and the fools don’t realize we targeted them in the first place. It is the easiest way to get rich at the mo.

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