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Feudal Tech Overlords Thank Vassals For Inhabiting Their Cloud

SILICON VALLEY - USA - The world is now largely controlled by totalitarian feudal tech overlords who want to control every facet of the lives of the peasantry.

Capitalists are now vassals to the feudal tech overlords, as much as the exploited peasants are within a parasitic tech cloud system that has no rivals or competition. Europe, including the UK has no equal to the monopolies of the US feudal tech overlords, who have become so powerful with their monopoly that even governments and capitalist industrialists within the physical world are completely under the arm of the tech feudalists. The only vague competitors are the communist Chinese tech feudal overlords, who are invariably part of the Chinese communist state, who are oddly utilising a pseudo form of capitalism.

Ruling over the peasants

The tech feudal overlords have not only created an all-powerful monopoly but have also created a mind prison for the peasants who happily sign up to their services.

“Our power is unrivalled in the West. We have the power to win elections for the political party that pays us the most amount of cash or gives us the most leeway to conduct our monopoly feudal operations. We do not pay tax because we are part of the feudal cloud. We do not heed any laws that physical businesses have to abide by. We are your feudal overlords, and you are our vassals to be exploited for our profit and gain,” a feudal overlord said from one of his mansions.

We are essentially now living in a post capitalist era ruled by tech feudal dictators, control freaks, totalitarian censorious monopolies who want to dictate what you think, what you buy, what you say or do and who you vote for in elections.

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