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Do You Want to be Imprisoned in Zuckerberg’s Meta Gulag?

PALO ALTO - USA - Zuckerberg has announced his newest project to the world -- a Meta gulag mind prison.

Zuckerberg looks more like Data from Star Trek every time he appears on screen, his perfectly trimmed bowl plastic haircut, his robotic Kermit voice spewing scripted jargon and childish amorphous computer code from his thin grey lips. The little fucker’s certainly been busy since his last project, and he is now building the blocks for his own Zuckerverse, or Metaverse; an all encompassing mind prison for the masses to have their every thought not only recorded but logged forever and if the need be their behaviour altered by shady Meta operatives behind the scenes. No doubt the CIA and other intelligence agencies who have profited greatly in data collection from the beginning of Facebook, will be eager for their next installation of data on all global users of Zuckerberg’s evil creation. There is no way Zuck and Facebook could have grown to such a behemoth level without the aid of the CIA, NSA, Mossad, Pentagon and DARPA.

The time has come, much like the totalitarian tiptoe, we have the invasive technological tiptoe which doesn’t just want to know everything about you, it wants to get into your fucking brain, it wants you to agree to their new terms and conditions to completely control and own your entire consciousness, to own every part of your soul, and of course to beam those targeted ads right into your central cortex, zapping offers that you will capitulate to without hesitation.

Imagine the mines of data Facebook and the like already have on you, then multiply that by a trillion. This data will be an additional gold mine for Zuckerturd and Meta, which will be sold off to the highest bidder for even more vast profits at your expense.

We are already witnessing an echo chamber effect created by the Big Tech companies but it will get worse with monstrosities like Meta, a place where Thoughtcrime will be accentuated under the Chinese Communist model of behaviour modification and citizen points. Zuckerberg and his Chinese wife loves to speak Mandarin and converse with high ranking People’s Republic of China politburo members in Beijing often. Zuck’s dream will be full integration with China, a communist globalised Metaverse re-education camp where humans are viewed as cattle, automatons brainwashed to recite from Mao’s little red book or receive the wrath of the brutal communist torturers waiting with their cattle prods in tow.

Already, we have witnessed various law enforcement agencies utilising Facebook to have people arrested for Thoughtcrime, and in the Meta gulag, it will get worse. You will not be able to do anything without first plugging your brain into Zuckerberg’s mind prison, the old safety of anonymity will be gone. Everything you say, do, think, will be used against you at any time of choosing from the Meta gulag guards, and there will be no place to run once the camp dogs sniff your scent.

This is the Metaverse future you will be given. Embrace the hive mind echo chamber where you will all speak and think the same things, in the same style as everyone and if you don’t, well, it’s to the rock breaking quarry for you to work until you either die or you are deemed useless and shot in the head to have your organs harvested, as the Chinese communist brutes do to the Uighur and Tibetans today.

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