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Total Mental Slavery: We Will Control and Monitor Your Every Thought

LONDON - England - Why is there silence about the WEF plan for total mind control and mental slavery from the mainstream media?


What the Daily Squib predicted in 2012 is slowly coming into fruition, and at the Davos 2023 meeting of the World Economic Forum, a presentation by an Iranian woman from Duke University, USA who gleefully presented a new technology that exists today talked candidly about the brain monitoring mental slavery technology that will be introduced to the global workforce soon.

Beyond 1984

The complete control of the human brain has been a goal for a long time by the controllers, and in the near future AI assisted software and hardware will be utilised on the entire human workforce. Mental slavery is what some people call it, but business owners are touting this as a productivity tool.

“As an employer, I want the full attention of my employees. To be employed within my organisation, it is imperative that your brain waves and thought patterns be monitored at all times to check if you are completing the tasks given to you. Our company pays you to do a job, therefore we expect you as an employee to divest your entire brain capacity at all times within the work environment to do that particular task or job. The beauty about this system is that anyone who has nefarious thoughts, or is thinking of something else while supposedly working, will be rooted out and fired. Those people who think about their work will be rewarded with bonuses. As we integrate AI into the business world, humans will be forced to integrate as well to be useful to businesses. Without complete control over the employee, we cannot have full transparency and a future for the worker,” a company owner revealed at the Davos meeting.

At the moment, the mental slavery mind-reading headsets are external, but in the close future it will be mandatory for employees to have neural brain implants to monitor their thoughts 24 hours a day.

Digital Feudalism

The uses for monitoring your thoughts are extensive; schools will be able to monitor pupils, employers will monitor employees, organised religions will monitor faith, criminal organisations will be able to root out informers or undercover agents, intelligence agencies will be able to monitor the entire population, advertising agencies will monitor your purchasing power, insurance companies will be able to monitor fraud etc.

It is not just the WEF who are pushing this sort of mental slavery over humans, but so are the likes of billionaires like Elon Musk with his call for a Hive Mind much like insects where human individuality is completely assimilated into the collective. Zuckerberg’s Metaverse is another strand of the same concept, but utilises clunky VR goggles at the moment, which are currently not being taken up by the majority of the population en masse. The key factor, much like the mass proliferation of smartphones, is to get the masses addicted to the tech so they cannot do without it. The next stage is to introduce internal brain chipping which will eventually be practically mandatory before anyone is in education, employment or a subject of forced behaviour modification.

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  1. Looks like I will be unemployed in the future or be self employed. I cannot abide by what these control freeks propose.

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