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Smart Phones Apps Cameras Microchips and Social Network Surveillance

VIRGINIA - USA - Why technology is moving towards the eventual microchipping of worldwide citizens.

“We used to work very hard to gather information about individuals, now we just look at your apps and all the gadgets you use.  We have so much information voluntarily given up by the public that we don’t know what to do with it all,” David Petraeus, the new CIA head told Spy Weekly magazine.

If one analyses the massive increase in smart phones worldwide, there has been a unified effort by all tech and phone companies to concentrate solely on apps and phones with cameras.

“The cameras are the key to everything. Every phone now has a camera, and these are the eyes  and ears of Intelligence Agencies all over the world. We do not need to actively film anything that occurs out of the norm anymore, we just let the public do it and put it up on a social surveillance site. Furthermore, if the need be we can just tap into any mobile phone in the world and check it out live ourselves. Your Apps are also logging every decision you make, and your phones log every conversation and your geo position. All software has in-built backdoor programmes that allow our agents and companies in the know easy access to all of your logged data,” an NSA software engineer disclosed.

The next step will be internal brain chips and again like smart phones, it will be introduced as entertainment, social networking with only the ‘very cool’ select few being chipped in the brain. Military personnel will be given enhanced microchips in their brains and will utilise augmented reality in conjunction with  their weapon systems. There will also be microchipping applications for people with paralysis and debilitating degenerative brain disorders, the justification being used that putting microchips into the brain can help people.

Once this is introduced to willing adults, the governments will start chipping babies at birth or even in the womb.

Brain chips are already here, and this is what we are getting the population used to. If we took away all your smart phones and internet now you would be very upset. This is the level at which we have trained you via clever propaganda techniques to accept these things and to be addicted to them; and you willingly give us all your information without question. Data-mining companies like Facebook are basically extended arms of the Industrial Military complex. You don’t think for one second that Mark Zuckerburg has any control over that entity, he’s just a puppet, a sideshow for the people to look at,” a technology expert told Wired magazine.

People under the microchip will behave with a hive mentality, not one of the individual and this is the goal of the engineers of social networking and smart phones.

“Imagine doing a Google search with just a thought. Humans will all be connected and will hear whispers and thoughts from everyone. Crime will be punished immediately as bad thoughts will be reported to the Thought Police and Thoughtcrime will be a very real thing. We are already seeing such things now, with people being arrested for writing their thoughts on Twitter or Facebook. There would also be Behaviour Modification chips for people to regulate food intake, thought processes, and advertising beamed straight into the brain,” a professor at MIT told Science Weekly.

Imagine massive increases of memory power and the ability to learn subjects within seconds. Microchipping of humans will also allow humans to experience unrivalled entertainment with programs uploaded directly into their central cortex.

The additional microchipping of all household electronics and white goods, by tech companies like ARM, will also be another major step in governmental surveillance as this will mean that the whole population can be tracked even when they’re not on their smart phones or social surveillance networks.

“The extent of the mass brainwashing by the controllers with regards to ‘social networking’ is so strong that if a person does not have a profile up on a social network, they are treated as a pariah, a weirdo and they are ostracised. Social networks rely on the fickle and encourage narcissism, banality and throwaway friendship. If you annoy me or say something that I do not like, bang, you’re blocked. People are now just commodities in a nothing universe making them worthless. You are not human anymore, you’re just a blip amongst the billions of numbers and zeros. This is the mindset of the future, and the agencies that are running everything with these massive super computers have planned this for decades now,” tech guru, Joel Aynsworth, told New Scientist magazine.

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  1. http://rt.com/usa/news/us-2030-report-global-757/

    “Future retinal eye implants could enable night vision, and neuro-enhancements could provide superior memory recall or speed of thought,” the report adds. “Brain-machine interfaces could provide ‘superhuman’ abilities, enhancing strength and speed, as well as providing functions not previously available.”

    National Intelligence Council, a US-based coalition of spy agencies that has just released its predictions for what’s in store for the Earth in 2030.

  2. "The penetration of the Stasi in East Germany is reported to be up to 10% of the population – one in 10 at some stage acted as informers – but the penetration of Facebook in countries like Iceland is 88%, and those people are informing much more frequently and in much more detail than they ever were in the Stasi. And they're not even getting paid to do it! They're doing it because they feel they'll be excluded from social opportunities otherwise. So we're now in this unique position where we have all the ingredients for a turnkey totalitarian state."


  3. I personally think that brain chipping will first come from the pornographers. Once they get a hold of that technology people will be able to experience sexual fantasies with whoever they want and they will feel like real experiences.

  4. I have a PAYG phone with no camera, don't have a facebook account, but I found out they have other ways of getting you. The other day, I tried logging into youtube, (which is now linked up with google) and was told the google needs my phone number! It's google, it's facebook, it's youtube, and on and on, these are all just different facets of the same thing. And they all link up! Even yahoo now has this networking thing going on and most people have no idea how or what other people can see about them. Don't you get it people? They are using these things to control us, while at the same time getting us to use them to set people against each other – divide and rule!

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