Johnny Depp to Star in a Tim Burton Film

LOS ANGELES - USA - Hollywood star, Johnny Depp is said to be delighted after being chosen to star in a Tim Burton film.

“This is absolutely incredible. I never thought in a million years that I could be in a Tim Burton movie. I had to pinch myself, oh my gosh. Wow!” Mr Depp said from his Hollywood villa.

The feeling was mutual with famed director Tim Burton.

“Johnny Depp. Hmm. I saw him a few weeks ago and I said, jeez, I gotta have him in one of my movies. So I did just that. Quite incredible really,” Mr Burton said at a recent screening.

Cinema goers were equally excited by the Depp/Burton film.

“This is one for the books. It will be exciting to see Depp in a Tim Burton film. We need a change in the Hollywood scene, you know a nice breath of fresh air,” Chingo Passalango, 21, an LA film fan told Fox entertainment news.