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Johnny Depp to Star in a Tim Burton Film

LOS ANGELES - USA - Hollywood star, Johnny Depp is said to be delighted after being chosen to star in a Tim Burton film.

“This is absolutely incredible. I never thought in a million years that I could be in a Tim Burton movie. I had to pinch myself, oh my gosh. Wow!” Mr Depp said from his Hollywood villa.

The feeling was mutual with famed director Tim Burton.

“Johnny Depp. Hmm. I saw him a few weeks ago and I said, jeez, I gotta have him in one of my movies. So I did just that. Quite incredible really,” Mr Burton said at a recent screening.

Cinema goers were equally excited by the Depp/Burton film.

“This is one for the books. It will be exciting to see Depp in a Tim Burton film. We need a change in the Hollywood scene, you know a nice breath of fresh air,” Chingo Passalango, 21, an LA film fan told Fox entertainment news.

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  1. What a great scoop. Possibly the two most outstanding talents of their generation in their respective fields. It will be incredible to see what they come up with now that they can finally work together. Possibly something as amazing as Martin Scorsese' s Edward Siccorhands starring the equally talented Bradley Pitt.

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