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Clegg Angry at Obama Cameron Relationship

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Deputy PM Nick Clegg was said to be absolutely furious that his Coalition partner PM David Cameron was getting it on with U.S. President, Barack Obama on his trip to America.

“Cammo’s got that look in his eye, the same one he was giving me when we won the election against Brown,” a dejected Nick Clegg told the BBC.

The Deputy PM has been acting increasingly erratic after the pictures of the two leaders clearly getting cozy together in front of their wives were relayed all across the world’s media.

“It’s sickening, truly sickening, after all I’ve done for David, there he is with his nose and god knows what else so firmly stuck in Obama’s arse, I’m surprised he can still walk,” the angry Deputy, Nick Clegg said from his Constituency office.

Foreign Minister, William Hague, said: “I’ve been through this stuff before. Ffion was very understanding as I am sure Cameron and Obama’s wives will be.”

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  1. Only a few chosen ones have experienced the well-known-but-never-spoken-about Obama butt-wank. Cam is a fucky lucker!

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