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UK Government: Satirical News Now Indistinguishable From Actual News

LONDON - England - The Coalition government's media spokesman has declared that satirical news is now indistinguishable from real news in a recent report.

Nick Clegg Turning Yellow But It’s Not Jaundice

LONDON - England - Nick Clegg, the leader of the Liberal Democrat party and Coalition deputy PM, has revealed why his skin colour has turned a distinct shade of yellow.

Clegg Angry at Obama Cameron Relationship

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Deputy PM Nick Clegg was said to be absolutely furious that his Coalition partner PM David Cameron was getting it on with U.S. President, Barack Obama on his trip to America.

Nick Clegg Fails UK Citizenship Test Could Be Deported

LONDON - England - Deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg, has failed his UK Citizenship Test for the third time and will be removed from the UK, border control officials have revealed.

Coalition Plans Massive Soviet Taxpayer Funded House Building Scheme

LONDON - England - As if the UK taxpayer wasn't enough in the red, now the Coalition government is to build thousands of collectivist hovels all over the British countryside.

Did Liam Fox Spend Night With William Hague?

LONDON - England - It's another day in British politics and the sleaze is getting so sleazy that stains are now being left on hotel bedsheets.

Quango Bosses Buy Tropical Island

TIKABILA - Polynesia - Non-Governmental Organisation Quango bosses have bought themselves a tropical island 2000 km West of Tuvalu, Whitehall sources have reported.

Government Takes U-Turn into Cul-De-Sac

LONDON - England - David Cameron's socialist coalition government has taken another U-turn but this time it's stuck in a cul-de-sac.

Coalition Plan on Bringing Workhouses Back

LONDON - England - Britain's popular Coalition government are planning on bringing Victorian style workhouses back so that the poor and destitute UK population will have some kind of means of survival.

Three Strikes and You Go to Jail: Coalition Gets Tough on...

LONDON - England - Murderers who repeatedly kill people will eventually have to go to jail under tough new Government rules.

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