Did Liam Fox Spend Night With William Hague?

LONDON - England - It's another day in British politics and the sleaze is getting so sleazy that stains are now being left on hotel bedsheets.

Defence Secretary, Liam Fox, may have spent a night in a single hotel room with Foreign Secretary William Hague, reports from a London hotel claim.

Amidst more lurid rumours surrounding the two cabinet ministers, they have vehemently denied any wrongdoing and have stated that they were only conducting secret cabinet meetings from within the confines of the hotel room.

Mr Hague, 49, dismissed “‘utterly false” rumours about his friendship with Mr Fox who is the Defence Secretary. But he did admit they “occasionally shared twin hotel rooms” to save money.

Dr Liam Fox also cited the money saving attributes to the room share: “These are austere times we are living in and we’re not only making cuts in the MoD but even ministers have to make cuts. Sometimes you just have to push the stool in and take it like a man, the cuts affect everyone.”