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Michelle Obama to Replace Puppet Joe Biden For 2024 Election

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Michelle Obama is set to replace the puppet Joe Biden as presidential candidate for the 2024 Democrat election ticket.

The Obama’s who are currently in their third term and are the principal controllers of the shuffling puppet Joe Biden, will most certainly have a fourth term in office this time without the walking cadaver Biden as a false facade. Michelle Obama will announce her presidential candidacy within a few weeks, her associates have revealed.

“We have used the corpse of Joe Biden for a while now, but it seems to be fraying at the edges too much. When it cannot even relay the data we pump into it without making serious mistakes, it is time to come out of the shadows and do it yourself. We are fed up with our puppet failing, and if you want something done properly as the old adage says, you gotta do it yourself,” an Obama official revealed to Newsweek on Monday.


Indeed, it seems the Biden puppet served its purposes, but decay and decomposition have caused the Weekend at Bernie’s corpse to fall out of favour with its controllers pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

“We at one point thought about embedding a speaker in the Biden corpse so it could relay speeches directly from the control room but decided that it would be too risky because Biden’s mouth would not be moving, so we made the decision for one of Biden’s controllers. Michelle Obama to actually run for president herself. This would be a momentous decision because Barack Hussein Obama was the first ever foreign black gay president, and Michelle (Michael) Obama will be the first ever trans President of the United States,” the official added.

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  1. As a member of the trans community I am ashamed of Michael because he is hiding his transexuality. We need to stand together more than ever because the bigots and Trump supporters want us all wiped offtheplanet. i instead Michelle gives us all a bad name and her actions mean we shouldall hide away too. Be proud be trans.

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