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Are You Ready For Obama and Michelle’s Third Term?

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Former president, Obama has been itching for a third term in office since 2016. Now is his time, through Biden.

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Barack Hussein Obama has been itching for a Third Term as president since 2016, and has been working behind the scenes since Trump won the presidency to erode his every move.

Thanks to the 2019 electoral clandestine operation which magically gave a stuttering half-dead Joe Biden an amazing 80 million plus votes out of nowhere, despite not even campaigning, Obama is now firmly in control again.

Now that Trump has capitulated and conceded to Biden, the road is clear for Obama to instate his Third Term, and make good his 4-year-plan which will inculcate Obama’s Marxist vision for America.

Much of America’s population are now completely demoralised and indoctrinated in Marxist political theory through a generational program of educational indoctrination spanning at least four decades.

Obama’s goal is to eviscerate the now divided Republican Party, once and for all, to completely purge Capitol Hill of conservatives, so that Chinese Communist values can be integrated fully into the Sino-American new nation. Working with his partners in the CCP, Obama and his team will work behind the scenes giving orders to Biden, who is simply a babbling incompetent puppet with no policy skills or ability to function coherently.

Kamala Harris for the Democrat Party will eventually take Biden’s place as he is quietly retired in either a few months or less than a year’s time. This was the plan all along, and she will be crowned as the first black female President of the United States. Because there is still a sizeable level of racial and sexist inequality in American politics, she could not be shuffled into a presidential candidate role during the election even if the electoral system was rigged. The Democrat controllers and CCP therefore decided to bring Harris in through the back door, when the decrepit Joe Biden is conveniently retired through ill health.

Taking away America’s guns will be the major priority of the communist four-year-plan, and this task will be crucial for the future integration the CCP is hoping for when they take over their American territory.

Empowering groups like BLM and ANTIFA will also be a crucial technique, especially as Trump’s legacy will now be completely dismantled, and his base of supporters hunted down one by one.

Obama will also make sure to utilise the Big Tech Marxist-aligned monopolies to crush any conservative news source, or independent network.

In essence, the Biden win will usher in a new communist era into America, where conservative Christian American nationalism and patriotism will be punished severely. Global adherence to China’s superiority will be formidably enforced throughout America.

Welcome to the new green Obama China great reset deal — the third term.


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