CHINA: “It’s Only ‘Fake News’ if We Do Not Like It”

XINJIANG - China - The silence is deafening as the West sits back and watches the systematic genocide of millions of Uighur people, as the Chinese proclaim it 'fake news'.

Reminiscent of Nazi concentration camps, the brutal Chinese education camps have a sinister feeling to them. Here, human beings are herded into the camps from trains, blindfolded and processed, before disappearing into the system for decades, or never to be seen again.

Those that manage to eventually leave are deemed as rehabilitated, their Muslim religion has been purged from their consciousness, and their language assimilated with their Chinese masters. Many are deemed useless, tortured, beaten then executed for the crime of being who they are.

This is the plight of the Uighur people in China today, millions are now languishing in these brainwashing prison camps, denied to exist as they were born into this world, and utterly degraded as human beings, brutalized by an evil communist Chinese state that abhors any sort of freedom.


The sad part of this evil, is the same throughout history, as the silence was deafening when the Jews were being persecuted in Europe prior and during WW2, there is the same silence about the systematic genocide of the Uighur people, their culture, their religion, their language is being erased from earth.

To see the Chinese ambassador proclaiming all of this as ‘fake news’ is also another indignity foisted on the Uighur people, not only do they not exist as humans any more but news of their persecution and demise is fake as well.

The precept of calling the truth ‘fake news’ is also prevalent in the West, and the term in its most recent usage was created by Google’s Schmidt to ostracize and persecute viewpoints that did not agree with his own pseudo-Marxist ideology. As Zuckerberg shows off his Mandarin to appreciative communists, Hollywood brings in the Chinese money with their censors, and Google aligns itself to communist China more every day with its totalitarian censorship policies, the liberal West is aligning itself with an ideology that has murdered over 150 million people in the last century.

This is why there is only silence, as the Uighur, an ancient proud people are being systematically destroyed by a communist regime that is applauded in the West, encouraged by the EU, who are adopting many of communist China’s policies, and celebrated by the monopoly tech companies for showing them the totalitarian way of eradicating freedom of expression and speech.