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New BBC Game Show “Who’s the Mystery Celebrity?” Causing Bit of a Stir

MANCHESTER - England - A new BBC game show is causing a bit of a storm, as people try to guess who a mystery celebrity is.

The latest BBC game show which is causing a massive stir across the nation is called “Who’s the Mystery Celebrity?”.

The BBC’s director-general, Tim Davie, has now become embroiled in the game show, explaining to the media that he is not involved in any way in the mystery.

Who is the mystery celebrity?

“I do not know who I am talking about, or on what subject this is about. I am completely clueless as to who the mystery celebrity is or why they are involved or not involved in any mysterious circumstance that may or may not have ever occurred in the past, present or future.”

The nation of Britain seems to be completely immersed in the search for the mystery BBC celebrity, but in the UK, it is important not to accuse people without substantial evidence is presented first to the mystery, therefore if one does not wish to have their bank account emptied, caution is the effective strategy.

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