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Experts: Rishi Sunak Trying Too Hard to be Like White Man

LONDON - England - British Indian PM, Rishi Sunak is trying too hard to please and be like a white man, which is an impossible task.

It is the usual case in liberal Western cultures to put the brown faces into office when things get too insane. Rishi Sunak, the current Prime Minister of Britain, is an unelected shoo-in of Indian descent from a former British colony who is fighting a losing battle to save Britain from certain economic and societal collapse.

“When there is no way out, when the economy is fucked in so many ways and everything has multiple downsides, we plonk in the brown face. That’s when you know everything has turned to absolute shite and there is little or no hope. At the best scenario, this magic brown face manages to get the country out of the mire, yet the most likely scenario will be that they mess up everything making it worse, thus leading to more curses for the fall guy brown face,” a member of parliament revealed.

Time is running out for Sunak who is walking the Tories to certain defeat at the next General Election.

“He has absolutely zero charisma, zero likeability and is completely out of touch with the British public. Of course, the British Indians are cheering him on, but that is a limited base for support. With high taxes, high inflation and high interest rates, Sunak is running the British economy into the ground at a rate never seen before. His pledge to reduce immigration is shot, seeing as he let in over 2 million people into the UK mostly from the Indian subcontinent. As for the dinghy’s across the Channel fiasco, any attempt to stop that is halted immediately by the Opposition and the House of Lords, which has become a Marxist cesspit of inequity,” another MP revealed.

Sunak is therefore fighting an uphill battle to stay relevant in an environment that wants to spit him out as soon as possible. If the Tories want to win the election in 2024, they better start thinking about a new leader pretty sharpish because time is running out. They will need someone who can exude some kind of authority and hold the line. Hunt, the miserly Chancellor, will have to be turfed out as soon as possible, as will the parsnip who is the head of the BoE. If any further progress is to be done in Britain, the House of Lords needs to be eviscerated completely of dead wood. Britain must also completely leave the ECHR, and ECJ, as well as delete all EU laws still active in the UK.

Only then will the Tories be electable.

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