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Why ‘Toxic’ Indiana Jones Had to be Ruined

HOLLYWOOD - USA - The latest Indiana Jones film is a final desecration of a once great franchise and hero.

The latest and hopefully final desecration of Indiana Jones, a wholesale hero to millions of film fans across the globe, was sadly a necessity within today’s horrible culture. Men, are the enemy in today’s society, and everything they do must be depreciated and negated. Therefore, it was inevitable that our heroic archaeologist Indiana Jones would fall victim to the anti-male hatred that is so prevalent in today’s dystopian nightmare society.

In the horrible socialist, hyper sensitive times we are living in, anything that does not follow strict propaganda guidelines or cultural Marxist ideology is labelled as ‘toxic’. Indiana Jones’ past escapades have thus come up for review, and surprise, surprise — old Indiana Jones is now deemed as ‘toxic’ by the intolerant leftist former liberals who are now staunch communists. Indy must have his entire career ruined, and be retired in disgrace for his previous adventures.

Having a cock and balls, testosterone and leaping over bottomless pits with nothing but a hat and whip are serious no-nos in a culture that has been hijacked by feminazis, gay supremacists, hysterical doomsday eco-cultists, African American fascists and trans hactivists, all funded and promoted by the big money at the top of the chain.

Please do not pay to watch this film, as you will feel truly ashamed of yourself for helping to fund such a piece of utter detritus. The film is not a good farewell to Indy, it is a sickening burial of a hero many have watched over the years. It is hard to understand how such a terrible pointless film could have ever been passed to be made, but it seems Hollywood has absolutely no quality standards anymore, and are entrenched in a deadly suicide dive poisoned by severely toxic political propaganda.

First of all, who is the fucking kid? He is useless, and plonked in solely as a brown token. The Nazi guy is clearly a racist when he is speaking to the hotel waiter, however his team somehow hired an irritating black woman. How probable is it that CIA Nazis in the 1960s would hire a black woman in their team of Aryan supremacists for diversity purposes? The film is one muddled contradiction after another, and the lazy, hackneyed script is a messy drip of diarrhoea from Kathleen Kennedy’s putrid gaping anus. As for the god-daughter of Indy, we have the celebrated British actress, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and her furiously large pear shaped mole, who is destined by studio executives to take over from Indiana Jones in subsequent films. Well, good luck to her, however this may result in even more people not going to see any of the films in the future.

With an enormous $350 million production budget (not including $280 million marketing budget) for frankly a very mediocre, banal film that has none of the previous magic of the first three movies, we can easily surmise that this will be another serious loss for Disney and Lucas film. The first three Indiana Jones films might as well be deleted from the Disney catalogue, because this awful monstrosity destroys everything from those previous classics.

Sadly, the way that Western society has deteriorated to be supposedly ‘inclusive’ is a fabricated lie — it is in fact a harsh, intolerant exclusive censorship-driven curly cunt hair of dystopian Marxist lunacy that is now too far gone to ever redeem itself.

Maybe Putin letting those missiles fly to finish everything off would actually be a delightful relief for billions of people.

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  1. I dialled up Indiana Jones and the Dial of Dysentery on Putlockers and Movies123. Even I watched the film for free I actually fell asleep. Please do not pay huge amounts of your hard earned cash in the cinema to watch this poop. It is not worth it. Horrible story and insult to Indiana Jones.

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