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Tabloid Politics Novella: Zero

LONDON - England - If you enjoy reading about the insane world of U.S. politics then read the new novella by Al Schnupp - Zero.

It is quite rare that talent spans so many genres and artistic avenues as the artist and author Al Schnupp. Amongst his paintings, collages and theatrical scripts, he has even birthed some seriously funny fictitious political satire novels. Schnupp’s 3D collage page on his website exhibits some true artistic delights, with his tribute to artists.

Schnupp has now conjured up another literary delight – Zero. This is in no way a review, as we have not received or read the book, however in the interests of art, and political satire it is only too right to give this talented geezer a little Squibby push. By all means, buy the book, it will certainly tickle your fancy.


How does an egotistical buffoon with no talent become the darling political celebrity of his country?

Maxie convinces her husband, Zero, to commit a bizarre crime that showers him with riches, making it possible for him to campaign for leader of their country.  With Horace as Campaign Manager, the trio embarks on a whirlwind of fundraising, cover-ups, debates, makeovers and scams.  Meanwhile, Inspector Oodles and his assistant, Minnie, assume a variety of disguises to uncover the true identity of Zero and his cohorts.  Who will garner the most votes: the Zealots, Hysterics or Fanatics?  An outrageous fable, fuelled with invented words, that lampoons American-Style politics.  Cabal Books

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“Schnupp has adapted his extraordinarily prescient stage work into a novel that would be utterly off-the-rails, if it didn’t so eerily reflect actual American politics…At once both uproarious and terrifying in how closely its madness parallels reality, Zero is highly recommended.”

Midwest Book Review

“Al Schnupp’s brand of political satire is delivered with sensational results….his choice to ground such madness in an off-world setting proves wholly sublime…a must-read for fans of the genre.”


“the characters are ludicrously colorful with sort of a Dr. Seuss meets Monty Python vibe…”

 Elaine Pascale, Hellnotes Review

Al Schnupp - zero

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