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Meandering Convoys, Schmucks and 270 Quacks

SAN FRANCISCO - USA - What happens when you have an irreverent mix of double dactyls ensconced within a frame of poetically charged current affairs?

Tabloid Politics Novella: Zero

LONDON - England - If you enjoy reading about the insane world of U.S. politics then read the new novella by Al Schnupp - Zero.

The Intricacies and Fantastic Habitual Mnemonic Confabulations of Experts

LONDON - England - Read an exclusive Daily Squib interview with the author of Nonscience Returns Brian J. Ford and purchase the book.

I’ve Got a Little List, With Apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan

MARYLAND - USA - Submitted by distinguished Professor Richard E. Vatz, a satirical poetic look at today's political world.

Attack of the Black Swans: How Crises Transform America and...

USA - Once in a while the Daily Squib receives a submission from a true literary decipherist, delving deep into the momentary societal thralls of our current huma-constructed malaise -- the Cygnus atratus bite down with vicious enjoyment, their beaks inquisitive in tortuous, meandering pleasurable malice.

Why Any Literate Person Should Never Use the Word ‘Woke’ Ungrammatically

NEW YORK - USA - The word 'woke' is now used by all American media even though it is used in an ungrammatical fashion that causes great harm to the English language.

Book Review: Tomorrow’s World by Guy Portman

LONDON - England - Author Guy Portman, presents his latest book 'Tomorrow's World'. Read the review for an insight into the future.

Trigger Warning Snowflake Student Dies After Reading Shakespeare

CAMBRIDGE - England - A Cambridge University student ignored a 'trigger warning' posted on a Shakespeare play, which caused his death from revulsion, shock and ultimately a fatal cardiac arrest.

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