How to Survive the Cost of Living Crisis

LONDON - England - The cost of living crisis is hitting many families across the UK and globe. Here are some tips on how to survive.

save Cost of Living Crisis

The current climate of inflation in real terms being recorded at higher than 40% is the highest level families have dealt with in over 70 years. There are ways however you can get around the cost of living crisis that is causing huge amounts of suffering across not only Britain but the globe.

Much of the problem of rising food and energy prices is geopolitical, and can be traced back to certain areas of global food distribution, as well as energy distribution. In the case of Europe, there is a problem with gas distribution, due to the fact that Russia is the main producer of gas, and the threat of war in the Ukraine.

Grow your own food

Hydroponic vegetables and fruit can be grown all year round with a reasonably inexpensive setup within your home. One can set up an entire room full of vegetables etc with minimal equipment and cost, therefore reducing your food bills. No soil is needed, as the seedlings are grown in tubs filled with water and propagated in coconut coir or rockwool.

Bake your own bread

This is a no-brainer. All you need is flour, yeast, water, sugar and a bit of salt. You can use a bread maker machine or your oven. Buy bulk flour from wholesalers.

Cook in bulk

Learn to cook large meals (casseroles/stews) that can either be frozen, or can last for a few days for the entire family. By cooking in bulk, you will inevitably reduce food bills. Reduce the impact of the cost of living crisis by buying goods in bulk as well.

Install a wood burner

Before you install a wood burner, you will need to check if you are located in a low emissions zone. If so, then you will have to purchase a low emission burner. Wood burners are a great way of reducing one’s energy bills, simply because they radiate out huge amounts of heat for little input.

Insulate your home

Insulating your home will guarantee that you will lose less heat, thus saving on the insane heating bills you would otherwise pay. The cost of insulation is inexpensive and will save you money in the long run.

Solar energy

Solar energy can pay off in the summer months, however in the winter there is minimal light, therefore if you live in the UK, you may have to purchase the more expensive type of Monocrystalline panels which give the most energy despite low levels of light.

Do not eat out or get takeaways

Another no-brainer. Avoid any form of food delivery service and restaurant. Saving money this way, and only eating wholesome home cooked food is not only better for you but cheaper as well.

Forget about holidays abroad

This is the number one money saver, and should be adhered to, especially during the pandemic. Why pay through the nose to get trapped in airport queues for hours on end, vaccination passports, covid tests just to visit some overpriced tourist trap hellhole where the locals hate the sight of you? Either you are insane or a sucker for throwing away your hard-earned cash. You might as well throw bundles of cash down the toilet.

Sell stuff

Everyone has junk in their attic, or stuff you have not used for months or years. Sell it. You will be surprised at how much you can make by selling things you do not use or need anymore. You can either sell online, or at car boot sales, or a yard sale.

Dump your car

Driving in London is an absolute nightmare and expensive, so sell your gas guzzling car and invest in a decent e-bike or regular bike. If you live in rural areas, unfortunately you will probably still need a vehicle, but maybe try getting a hybrid or reducing the frequency you drive.