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Forget About “Levelling Up” What About Finishing Brexit?

LONDON - England - Marketing slogans and empty promises like "Levelling Up" need to be superseded by actually finishing Brexit.

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Levelling Up? What a load of utter bollocks, anyone can see this is just a marketing slogan to placate the Red state Northerners that voted for Boris in the election but were duly abandoned and forgotten thereafter. With an election coming over the horizon, Boris and his wife, Carrie, have decided to do a spot of “Levelling Up” so the traditional Labour voters do not veer back to Labour. Will this “Levelling Up” nonsense work? Well, the supposed “Levelling Up” will only level up from the 2030s onwards, according to policymakers. You try levelling up whilst you are being taxed by the Tories beyond the brink. If taxing people through the anus is not an election loser, what is?

The news in parliament is that Boris and team have effectively forgotten Brexit, which still needs to be completed, and are ashamed of it.. Not only is the Northern Island issue a mess, so is illegal immigration, and the never ending fishing saga. Britain is still subject to many EU laws, including ones regarding motoring. The EU is going to make it compulsory for new vehicles to all have speed limiters in the UK, and despite supposedly Brexiting from the EU, it seems we are powerless to get out of the ridiculous EU diktat. There is some movement on securing global trade deals, however none with the Biden U.S. administration. Biden, actively detests the British and being a socialist Marxist, sides with the EU at every opportunity. There are many pet projects which are frankly useless, and these are obvious Carrie projects forced through by squeezing Boris’ gonads. It seems Boris cannot say no to his domineering power mad young wife, possibly in fear she may withhold her nightly delights.

Certainly, the global Covid pandemic has put a spanner in the works, but this cannot be solely blamed for the certain shift of attitude towards the hard fought battle of Brexit by Number 10. It is every Brexiteer’s dream that Boris brings back the passion he had in campaigning for Brexit in the first place, and his hard fought stance during the period when most of parliament tried to reverse the EU Referendum result.

We must fight on with Brexit, as this is the truly most defining moment in British history for the last 40 years.

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