Teflon Don in Twitter Roid Rage Rampage Crashes Dow

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The Teflon Don has gone on a major roid rage rampage across social media after being pumped with steroids at hospital.

trump roid rage rampage

They gave the Teflon Don steroids in hospital to stabilise his recovery and dampen inflammation, but seems like the president has now succumbed to a bout of roid rage going on a Twitter rampage never before seen by anyone.

The Dow took a major tumble after the Teflon Don tweeted that he was shutting Covid relief talks.

In the space of twenty minutes, the president had tweeted 45 times, not stopping for a breather.

“Contracting the Covid-19 virus can cause the recipient to experience altered states of consciousness, and adversely affect their emotions, in conjunction with the drugs doctors prescribe for the patient these can have additional effects. Notably, the president was given dexamethasone, a steroid that can create a state of mania in the patient,” one medical practitioner revealed after witnessing the Trump Twitter roid rage rampage.

Obamagate and the Hillary Russia Hoax were also part of the Tweet storm, and it is most certain Obama and Hillary Clinton are now waiting to be exposed for their treasonous actions. Unfortunately, treason is not taken as seriously as it was in the past, and these two miscreants even though exposed will probably walk Scott free.

One thing’s for sure, Trump is still on the meds and nothing or anyone is going to stop the Teflon Don from doing what he is doing.