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Hunter: “Pops Paid For My Crack. So What?”

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - This article does not exist because Hunter Biden and his dad are protected individuals above the law.

Ex-Jackass Bam Margera Now Selling Own Brand Margarine

FLORIDA - USA - Thankfully ex-Jackass former star, Bam Margera has been located selling margarine after absconding from a rehab facility.

Drugged Up Parliamentarians to Get Their Comeuppance With Sniffer Dogs

LONDON - England - Drug sniffer dogs will be introduced to parliament to counteract the prevalent use of illegal substances.

U.S. Surrender: Heroin Production to Increase in Afghanistan

HELMAND - Afghanistan - Taliban heroin production is set to increase exponentially and supplied to the West, thanks to U.S. surrender.

Baby Lilibet Given First Pole Dancing Set by Meghan

CALIFORNIA - USA - In a final insult to HRH the Queen, Meghan and Harry have named their daughter Lilibet, and lined her up for pole dancing.

America’s Socialist Apocalypse

PHILADELPHIA - USA - American socialist Democrat run states are a cess pit of poverty, drugs and crime because the socialists enable it all.

“Hyuck, Pops, When Can I Move the Money Bags Into the...

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Hunter Biden cannot wait to get into the White House when his dad becomes President.

CORRUPTION: Crack Pipe Biden and Backhanders

THE SWAMP - Washington D.C. - Emails and photos reveal high-end corruption within the Biden family, including crack smoking, and illicit liaisons.

COVID-19: Spare a Thought For the Clueless Obese Drugged Up Americans

NEW YORK - USA - The COVID-19 coronavirus especially likes obese Americans who have a plethora of medical and mental problems.

Disgraceful Coked Up Tory MPs Parade Their Illegal Drug Use

LONDON - England - Do we really want to know lurid details about Class-A illegal drug use by Tory MPs vying to be the next prime minister of Britain?

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