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Amy Winehouse: "I’ve Been Drug Free for Three Years"

LONDON - England - Pop singer, Amy Winehouse, has revealed that she thinks she has been drug free for three years.

Whitney Houston Eats Whole Crack Rock During CBS Early Show Appearance

CHICAGO - USA - CBS's Early Show was at the centre of a massive drugs bust this morning when special guest, Whitney Houston, ate a whole rock of crack whilst showcasing her special jerk chicken recipe.

Police Warn About ‘Jenkem’ the New Legal High

LONDON - England - Just hours after the ban on 'miaow miaow' mephedrone came into force, officers are on the alert for yet another party drug called 'Jenkem' which is now taking the UK by storm.

Whitney Houston’s Voice Used to Scare Away Birds at Airports

BIRMINGHAM - England - With a voice that can crack windows, ex-crack addict diva, Whitney Houston's voice will be used to deter birds from runways at airports in Britain, airport authorities announced today.

Amy Winehouse Slips on Banana Peel During Caribbean Holiday

ROSEAU - St Lucia - According to tabloid reports, popstar Amy Winehouse has slipped on a banana peel whilst walking along a beach.

Kerry Katona Gives Birth to Bag of Cocaine

CHESHIRE - England - Kerry Katona, the alcoholic cocaine snorting celebrity star has given birth to a large bag of pure Colombian coke on an MTV reality show.

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