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CORRUPTION: Crack Pipe Biden and Backhanders

THE SWAMP - Washington D.C. - Emails and photos reveal high-end corruption within the Biden family, including crack smoking, and illicit liaisons.

Now we know what some of that dirty money handed around in dark back alleys in brown envelopes was used to buy — crack cocaine for Hunter Biden. Corruption within the Biden family comes thick with the acrid smoke of a crack pipe being fired up.


Corruptio optimi pessima

The corruption goes all the way up the line from son to father, as it also turns out Joe forced his son to split the proceeds of his dirty money deals with the Ukrainians.

No doubt, all this corruption will all be brushed under the carpet because Creepy Sleepy Crooked Joe Biden is now a protected asset, and nothing he does or has done can stop the lemmings from voting for him.

“I would vote for Joe if he raped my mom, stole everything from my bank account, then impregnated my 16-year-old daughter,” one female Democrat voter from San Francisco revealed as she went to post her ballot.

Despite Trump attempting to do everything for America including bringing jobs back to many states, and brokering better trade deals with countries like China, as well as bringing the economy up despite the coronavirus, people are still voting for someone who is decrepit, senile, corrupt, and plain creepy.


“I would vote for Creepy Sleepy Crooked Joe if he came into my house slept with my wife, daughters, and dog, then burnt the whole place down leaving us with nothing,” one Democrat voter from California revealed before being interred into a mental hospital indefinitely.

Either there is a lot of mental illness prevalent amongst Democrats, or they are all masochists who love getting punished, maybe both of those things at the same time.

Much of Joe Biden’s support seems to come from African Americans simply because of the increases in benefits promised by Crooked Corrupt Joe, and of course their low morals play into their vote, they do not care of criminal corruption especially when they uphold the deaths of criminals being sainted as paragons of black culture as witnessed so many times.

When you have no morals, are low in character, corrupt and dishonourable, vote for Joe Biden. He is bound to get millions and millions of votes purely because of this criteria.

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