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The Perfect Conduit For Mass Covid-19 Infection

LONDON - England - Mass Covid-19 infection and proliferation is powered by a very simple conduit which exemplifies the genius of its design.

The perfect virus has to be unseen at first with no symptoms, and this is why Covid-19 is engineered with such efficacy. The youth, the children are thus the perfect conduit for mass Covid-19 infection of adults simply because many show no symptoms yet are vast viral powerhouses shedding the deadly airborne particles everywhere and touching everything in sight.

This is why opening the schools and universities was a master-stroke in infecting millions more and in bringing upon the population a second wave that sees hospitals already choking with patients already.

This virus needs the youth, it hides in those who do not show any symptoms and are so carefree. The young, they touch everything, they are carefree wistful creatures free of worries, free of adult concerns, and they do not think of death.

The youth are the secret weapon for the virus to spread also because for economies to continue under the old systems, the working adults need to fob them off to educational institutions as a form of daycare. Many parents don’t even care about the educational aspect of schools and universities, they just care about babysitters looking after their kid, so they can afford to pay for the yearly holidays in Spain, or some other grotesque tourist hellhole.

In this capacity, many governments are currently in panic mode for the economy and are encouraging kids to go to school again, and when they panic, they make mistakes. That’s just what the virus ordered, it’s back in business, the youth are back on the move again, big cheers from Covid-19.

You don’t need to pay a consultant £7,000 per day for a failing tracing system to fucking know that, but some human parasites have to make a killing as much as Covid is.

So, if the governments continue to keep the schools and the universities open, the virus will continue spreading. The youth are the superspreaders par excellence. Until one government learns this fact, then the virus will continue spreading ad infinitum until the death toll sinks in.

The old systems are dead, none of it works any more, can’t you fucking see that? Adapt new systems now or simply die.

As for the blame for this malaise, one should not direct it at the government or Boris Johnson, or Trump, or Macron. The blame lies solely in China, as this is a Chinese Virus, birthed in Wuhan, and not with any other nation or government.

Universal income (to keep civil order), home study, new businesses, home working, localised industry, localised farming, reducing government, abolish House of Lords, reduce MPs, reduce useless officials. The byword or phrase should be self-sufficiency and a push towards complete energy efficiency through the advancement of green technologies.

If change is not adopted, then simply imagine a circle slowly diminishing in size until it eventually disappears.

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