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Is a Classroom Not an Enclosed Space?

LONDON - England - The Boris administration has vowed to keep schools open as Omicron virus infections reach unprecedented levels.

Fresh Term, Fresh Covid Infections: As Children Across the UK Return...

LONDON - England - Schools returning will see an exponential increase in Covid infections, and hospitalisations will increase.

New Covid Strain: “Whole Wards of Children in Hospital”

LONDON - England - Whole wards of some hospitals are now full of children suffering from the new Covid-19 strain, which affects young people as much as adults.

Imagine the Fear of a Child or Teacher Forced to Go...

LONDON - England - Children and teachers will be forced to go back to school after the Christmas holidays amid a second wave pandemic that is completely out of control in the UK.

Largest Contact Tracing Scientific Study: Children in Schools are ‘Superspreaders’

LONDON - England - Children are key coronavirus superspreaders, the world's largest contact tracing study has discovered. Just 8% of cases were responsible for 60% of new Covid-19 infections.

The Perfect Conduit For Mass Covid-19 Infection

LONDON - England - Mass Covid-19 infection and proliferation is powered by a very simple conduit which exemplifies the genius of its design.

Insanity of Schools Opening: Kids Will Spread Covid-19 Far and Wide

LONDON - England - As Covid-19 cases make another massive leap, in a moment of collective insanity, schools are opening tomorrow amidst the carnage.

Say Goodbye to Granny – Children Can Carry Coronavirus in their...

LONDON - England - Say bye bye to granny when schools reopen. Children can carry and spread coronavirus for weeks on end without any symptoms.

Children to be Sent Over the Top of Trenches Because of...

LONDON - England - Children are being sacrificed by governmental experts and selfish parents ordered into virus infected classrooms.

Children Will Die From Covid-19 When Schools Open – Doctor Cites...

NASHVILLE - USA - Dr. James Hildreth does not believe it is safe to open schools for children citing a recent University of Florida proving how easily the COVID-19 virus spreads.

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