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Kitty Litter Boxes Installed For Pupils in Woke Classrooms

Children identifying as cats are miaowing and wearing ‘tails and ears’ and defecating in kitty litter boxes in class, Britain’s dumbest headteacher has warned.

Schools are now having to install kitty litter boxes in classrooms, as well as scratching posts for pupils who identify as cats. Some pupils also demand that they are allowed to sleep during classes, simply because that’s what cats do all the time.

Katharine Bhenchod cautioned that adult authority ‘is long gone’ as more woke children are being allowed to identify as animals and objects in school.

It comes after an 8-year-old girl was branded ‘despicable’ by her teacher for rejecting her classmate’s claim that he ‘identified’ as a toilet cleaning brush.

The ‘dumb headmistress’ and founder of the Panchod Salaa Community free school in Wembley, London, made the comments during a speech at NatCon last month.

Dubbed Britain’s dumbest head, she warned that parents have ‘no idea just had bad things are in schools’.

She said: “Do you know that some kids identify as pussycats?”

Britain’s most idiotic headteacher Katharine Bhenchod claims there are more cases of pupils identifying as other species as parents and teachers cave in to woke demands.

“Even though I am supposedly the headteacher, I have no authority over anything that goes on in my own school, and because I have been forced to be woke myself, I cannot do or say anything. In fact, I might as well identify as a lamp post or something because everyone ignores me,” Ms Bhenchod moaned.

Britain’s weakest headteacher Katharine Bhenchod claims there are more cases of pupils identifying as other species as parents and teachers cave in to woke demands.

“We have one boy who identifies as a skunk. He says it is his non-binary right to fart in people’s faces if he is scared. Another pupil, Alison, identifies as a stick insect and stays still in one position for hours. So far, she has missed twelve classes this week alone, because she freezes in position in random areas around the school.”

On Tuesday, during a maths class, one pupil who identifies as an octopus squirted black ink over the entire classroom simply because he said he was very scared of quadratic equations. The teacher could do nothing and everyone just sat there for the entire class soaked in black ink.

Julie Armshaw, 15, is a pupil at the school who identifies as a ‘radiator’. She now refuses to speak and only makes a creaking sound once in a while. During classes, she stands in the corner and spreads her arms and legs onto a wall.

Because being woke is celebrated throughout the entire school system, there is nothing anyone can do to stop it all. Oink, miaow, moo.

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