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Imagine the Fear of a Child or Teacher Forced to Go Back to School Now

LONDON - England - Children and teachers will be forced to go back to school after the Christmas holidays amid a second wave pandemic that is completely out of control in the UK.


What sort of an education can a child recieve whilst living in perpetual fear? What sort of an education can a teacher give to their pupils in this same climate of fear? It is not an education as much as it is a death sentence, either you are the unwitting child carrier of the pathogen or the teacher who may or may not take a bad turn when the virus eventually infects you.

Children and teachers forced into tiny classrooms by irresponsible Westminster hacks during a pandemic where hospitals are now overflowing with infected patients is a form of torture. As for the ignorant parents foisting their kids on schools using them as daycare centres, when it is perfectly feasible for only one parent to work out of home, is again a form of abuse, to their children. Is paying for your fucking holiday in Spain more important than your kid’s life or the life of another person infected because of your kid? Your vomitus consumerist programming is that strong, is it?

They keep saying that ‘education’ is important but so is living. One can still be educated at home, because true education is in the eye of the beholder. If one wishes to be truly educated, they will immerse themselves in books, in science, in literature, and they will engulf into their brain matter the knowledge that they find useful. The internet is awash with education, as it is with uselessness as well, however if one seeks true knowledge they can still find it if they look for it actively. Learning how to take exams by rote is NOT education.

One can go to crowded classrooms and learn nothing day in day out. It is with this in mind that we must inculcate a true educational system for children where they are engaged properly and without distraction, and to give children a hunger to fill their minds with actual useful knowledge that will help them in the future. Much of what is learned in schools today is not necessary, and does not in any way prepare a child for what is to come in the future.

Where is the creativity to create new systems? Is there a law that says that things can only be achieved one way? Do we not live in a universe where multiple possibilities to any problem are available? Get out of your blinkered world view, get out of the box, and realise for one fucking second that there are other ways of accomplishing tasks. Education is one of these things, and there are far more efficient and more immersive ways of accomplishing the internal integration of knowledge into the mind than what is going on in classrooms. This pandemic is the true equaliser, it is indiscriminate in its action, and unless the policymakers realise some hard truths, then it will continue to ravage the population.

Schools have been to blame for three times more Covid outbreaks than hospitals since October 2020, official data shows LINK

The Daily Squib warned of the second wave occurring prior to the September school openings, but who the fuck are we anyway? All of our projections have now come to fruition, and it is because of the footfall of the schools, and universities that this is happening again. You reap what you sow, and the UK is now revelling in a pandemic that is completely out of control.

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