To say that children are immune to COVID-19 is a grossly ignorant statement. They have the exact same biological makeup as adults, and their immune systems although generally more resilient than older adults are still susceptible to viruses, especially via asymptomatic transmission.

An airborne virus nests in the olfactory system, and children have noses just like adults have noses. They also touch their faces more, put their fingers in their mouths, rub their noses, fidget more than adults in general. It is therefore a certainty that innocently, children are primary spreaders of COVID-19, or the common flu. Children, are humans, and have ACE2 receptors, much like adults do.

Depending on the genetic factors of each human, adult or child, the COVID-19 pathogen reacts differently in each case irrespective of age since as humans we are essentially made up of the same biological materials. Therefore, some humans, young or old, may be infected with COVID-19 but not show symptoms yet spread to others through their breath and touch, whereas as others may become sick, either mild or with increased intensity. The key is in dosage of viral load as well as other variables like underlying  conditions and general health. If a child receives a huge dose of the viral pathogen which begins replicating in the body, it is certain they will get sick as much as an adult in the same situation, taking into account genetic and other biological variables.

It is only logical, and basic common sense then, that during a global pandemic, which is a very serious emergency, that forcing children to be put into enclosed spaces with other children is an exercise in futility, and will cause further spread of the deadly pathogen COVID-19.

The irrational and irresponsible diktats of officials more concerned with economic matters is a clear sign of panic in government more than anything else. Alternatively, one could also postulate that opening schools is part of a malevolent plan to accelerate the spread of the Covid-19 virus further into the population.

The r0 value will thus rise at an exponential level once the increased footfall of schools opening occurs. Vulnerable children, and adults, who are all human, with the same biological makeup will eventually succumb to the airborne virus.