overcrowding schools uk coronavirus superspreaders

There is only one reason you would open schools and close pubs simultaneously — this is an experiment to see if more people die from the virus and the r0 level rises with each variable.

If it were safe, both schools and pubs would be open at the same time, however government appointed experts want to experiment on children and teachers to see what will happen.

Do you feel safe for children, or teachers or parents to be part of a scientific experiment where the results are unknown?

The experts are therefore uncertain as to how many people will die, even though many studies have shown that opening schools increases the infection r0 rate because children are highly potent superspreaders of the virus.

overcrowding schools coronavirus teachers

The Covid-19 virus is transmitted through regular speech and breathing via miniscule aerosol particles and can stay airborne within enclosed spaces for more than an hour. Furthermore, the virus can enter the body through the eyes/mouth as well as the olfactory system.

With schools forced to open amidst a global pandemic, there is no other reason than to surmise that this is an experiment on children, which could also adversely affect teachers and parents/carers.

Schools are fraught with transmission risks, he said, from bus rides to indoor crowds that can hasten spread – cafeterias, gyms, locker rooms, theaters and indoor swimming pools. And schools often spark respiratory disease and influenza season with infected children bringing viruses home. This will allow COVID-19 to grow and spread to areas where it’s caused little disruption so far. SOURCE

Resources should thus be concentrated on increasing levels of distance teaching methods and efficiency in educational programs for children. Concentrating purely on core subjects like English, Maths and Science (physics/chemistry/biology) would in fact strengthen educational standards.

It is understandable that mental health would be adversely affected by distance especially for children, therefore online learning should also inculcate an element of psychological care, as these are times of extreme pertinence.

Those who limit their time in enclosed spaces or proximity with other humans will have a greater chance of survival whereas those who don’t will eventually perish. These are the very simple laws of Covid-19.

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