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Schools Opening Pubs Closing is a Scientific Experiment

LONDON - England - By opening schools and re-shutting pubs, we can only conclude the experts are conducting a scientific experiment to see what happens.

If You Believe in Jesus You Believe in Supernatural Magical Beings...

LONDON - England - Is it not time that people started to question their unquestioning blind belief in the super powered entity, Jesus Christ, who has no record of ever existing?

Bald Men Being Cured by Pubic Hair Transplants

ZHELAIZHAI - China - Bald men are flocking to a research institute in North East China to receive a cure for their bald scalps.

Scientists Reveal Vegetables and Fruit Cry Out in Pain When Eaten

SYRACUSE - USA - Scientists have revealed that plants scream in pain and emit distressful electrical impulses when chopped up and eaten.

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