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Auntie Gets Nasty – Sends Bailiffs Around to Over 75s to Enforce TV Licence

LONDON - England - If you are over 75 and watch TV, you could soon get a visit from bailiffs if you have not paid for your BBC TV Licence tax.

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There once was a time when the BBC was affectionately called ‘auntie’ but it seems those days have passed and now auntie is just a nasty mean parasitic cunt, especially when the bailiffs are sent in to ransack your elderly grandma’s home.

Previously, over 75s were given a reprieve from paying the hated yearly BBC TV licence tax, but things changed recently when the BBC decided to wipe the exemption for TV viewers who are over 75. The BBC is now punishing the elderly for daring to vote for Brexit.

The BBC is now hiring 800 specialist staff to deal with the pensioners, and if they do not comply, to have bailiffs sent around to their homes where they will ransack and take any furniture they find to make up the cost of the licence fee.

It seems the price to keep the likes of people like Gary Lineker in millions per annum for their salary is a high one, and old age pensioners are the ones now who are going to pay that price.

Maureen Ovaltine, 85, had this to say to the BBC when she heard the news of bailiffs coming around to her home: “They can come, but they may not leave alive! I don’t mind going to prison at my age either.”

Pensioners, already a much persecuted group are already robbed by various methods by the government so the BBC robbing them further is just another notch in the post of agencies milking them for whatever they can get.

Legally, TV Licence inspectors have no right to enter any property, therefore refusing entry and ignoring them is the best policy, however if bailiffs obtain a court order to recover a debt they can enter a property.

The BBC these days is full of repeats of repeats, socialist ‘woke’ propaganda, and crappy celebrity cooking shows and is not fit for purpose any more. Auntie should be sent to the crematorium and reduced to ash. Sorry Auntie, but you are not a public service of any value any more, good riddance.

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