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Elderlies Could Be Simply Switched Off Says BBC

MANCHESTER - England - The BBC are implementing a new 'Switch Off' scheme tied in with the TV licence which will switch elderly people off.

BBC TV Licence: Jails Braced For Thousands 75-Year-Olds

SALFORD - England - The decision by the BBC to take away the free TV licence for over 75s will mean an increase in the prison population across the country.

BBC PAY: Chris Evans Demands Pay Rise From £2.5 Million

SALFORD - England - According to recently published data on BBC salaries, Chris Evans is still not happy.

Why Boycotting BBC Licence is Only Way to Induce Change

LONDON - England - Already millions of people are not paying the BBC licence fee, a tax that is imposed on the population of Britain even though many do not watch the BBC or even connect their TVs to the network.

WIFI SNOOPING: Is the BBC Turning into a Creepy Evil Organisation?

SALFORD - England - With news that Auntie is now morphing into Big Auntie and will be going around our streets monitoring our web habits, is this a confirmation that the BBC is in fact an evil creepy organisation?

New Politically Correct Top Gear Made Me Cry Says Viewer

SCUNTHORPE - England - Chris Evans has announced that he is to front the BBC Top Gear show after the original Clarkson team were all sacked.

BBC Licence Fee is Brilliant Say Majority Britons

SALFORD - England - Who wouldn't want to pay the BBC TV Licence fee? Many Britons think it is very good value for money.

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