WIFI SNOOPING: Is the BBC Turning into a Creepy Evil Organisation?

SALFORD - England - With news that Auntie is now morphing into Big Auntie and will be going around our streets monitoring our web habits, is this a confirmation that the BBC is in fact an evil creepy organisation?


If you haven’t paid your TV licence for awhile you may be used to the aggressive threatening letters that are put through your door on a weekly basis, in fact this happens to people even if they pay their TV license but the brutish thuggery of the BBC knows no bounds, it now wants to monitor your web surfing habits.

BBC Invasion of Privacy

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The BBC’s final detection and enforcement option is its fleet of detection vans. Where the BBC still suspects that an occupier is watching live television but not paying for a licence, it can send a detection van to check whether this is the case. TVL detection vans can identify viewing on a non ‐ TV device in the same way that they can detect viewing on a television set. BBC staff were able to demonstrate this to my staff in controlled conditions sufficient for us to be confident that they could detect viewing on a range of non ‐ TV devices.

Although this practice of snooping on peoples’ wifi habits is highly illegal, the BBC is utilising the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act to conduct its invasive snooping activities.

The data gleaned by the BBC could be useful for many purposes and capitalised on as they will have carte blanche to collect internet information from all households.

This new creepy malevolent behaviour by the BBC is in line with their past practices of harbouring and sheltering the likes of Jimmy Savile. No surprises at all.

Has the BBC Turned Into a Creepy Old Auntie?

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  • Larry

    You can get around this easily. Wire everything up with ethernet cables and do not use wifi. Better for your health as well.

  • Pops

    BBC staff salaries have risen from £977 million to £990 million 2016.

  • Stasi

    Welcome to stasi Britain where you are forced to watch and pay a tax to the BBC so they can make their socialist programs of indoctrination and skewed news commentary. To call the BBC an evil organisation is sadly an understatement. Now we will all be monitored our internet surfing checked by these agents and fined. fvck the BBC I will never never never NEVER buy a licence so you can squander my money on overpaid commie sh1t! Fvck off.