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CCP Linked Company Threatens to Register Daily Squib Domain Names

SHANGHAI - China - A CCP linked company is threatening to register Daily Squib domain names.

Yes, the Daily Squib is critical of the brutal genocidal communist government of China, but do we deserve to have our domain names registered and hijacked by a Chinese company linked to the CCP?

We received the email from someone called Zhihai Ning, from the Honshung Ltd. company on Wednesday.

We know that in China there are literally no rights for foreign companies or businesses, no copyright exists in the communist country, and there is literally no way to dispute this obvious attempt to hijack the Daily Squib brand name. The Chinese regime has been plundering Western industrial intellectual property for decades with impunity because they can simply copy what others have created. The West is so full of Chinese agents that you can’t throw a chopstick 10 yards without hitting one.

For all we know, the CCP linked company Honshung company could be manufacturing 15″ dildos or butt plugs in the shape of Xi Jinping’s head, or some sort of electronic device which is prevalent in Western homes and used to gather info about the population for the CCP.

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