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Who Knew? Will Smith Has a Spaghetti Fetish

LOS ANGELES - USA - According to reports, the disgraced former celebrity, Will Smith has a spaghetti fetish.


According to Will Smith insiders, the disgraced celebrity has a penchant for spaghetti. In fact his spaghetti fetish is so bad that he can’t stop eating it even when he’s driving, smacking people around or making love to his bald wife.

“Yo, yo, yo! I gots me a spaghettis fetish yanamsayin’? One nigga axe me, he axe me why I gotta spaghetti fetish and I say ‘shut up foo!” lak do you know who I is?”

Smith has been arrested numerous times whilst driving and eating a large tub of spaghetti, and in February was banned for 6 months for throwing a load of spaghetti over a California state trooper during a traffic incident.

The celebrity was driving on Spaghetti Junction near Anaheim and was stuffing his face with spaghetti and meatballs. He was so engrossed in his food that he did not notice a delivery truck for Luigi’s Pasta Palace and rammed right into the rear at 70 MPH.

Witnesses to the traffic incident then saw Will Smith eating the pasta from the road as the spillage from the truck accident blanketed the entire area in meatballs and spaghetti.

“Didn’t matter that it weren’t cooked. The boy took to that spaghetti like a wild eyed monster on a trip to spaghetti mountain. Dude was even crunchin’ frozen meatballs. The real shit happened when the frickin’ state trooper arrived. He told Will Smith to put that shit back, but he refused. He then threw some pasta at the trooper. That’s when shit got messy!”

Smith was arraigned at Santa Barbara court and had bail set at $2.6 million, which he paid by the afternoon. He was banned for 6 months and will have to go undergo community service as a dishwasher in Luigi’s Pasta Palace. Oh, no!

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