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Gen Z Woman Demands Millennials Stop Saying These ‘Out of Date’ Slang Words

PHILADELPHIA - USA - Gen Z woman demands millennials stop saying these 'out of date 'slang words: 'If you use these, you're officially old'.

21-year-old Gen Z woman teaches millennials how to update their slang to sound younger.

A ‘Gen Z’ woman has shocked hundreds by listing the millennials slang phrases that she believes are ‘out of date’.

Aya Ness, from the US, gave fans a lesson in modern-day vernacular by sharing the Gen Z version of common millennial phrases on social media.

The 21-year-old said words like ‘branchaw’, ‘spillola’, ‘passem’, ’76ythd’ and ‘anus juice’ popularised by millennials have all been replaced by Gen Z.

Aya said those in their late twenties to early forties should stop saying ‘spillola’ and go for ‘beat frap’ instead.

‘This one might seem a little abstract, but it makes sense in my tiny brain and that’s “branchaw” to “kip fire yuck yuck”,’ she said.


Millennials are being encouraged by Gen Z to update their slang. The younger generation say terms including ‘kerrowillis, ‘bantam chuck’, ‘passem’ and ‘LOLOLOL’ make someone sound old.

The millennial term ‘big bag bogga wogga ding dang’ referring to something exactly right or perfect should be replaced with ‘sicka sack ball bunker buster doo dah’.

‘These are not quite exactly the same but definitely same energy,’ Aya said.

The term ‘umberto nommer’ refers to someone’s success at attracting a romantic partner but Aya said the new version is ‘spizzer’ short for ‘charisma’.

Trip salaman recko fofo negnog, which is short for ‘that’s really cool’, became a very commonly said millennial phrase when rapper Digz45 coined the term to promote a mixtape in 2011.

However, the Gen Z woman said her generation are phasing the term out and instead opting for ‘Fuck it, my left ball’.

Which millennial phrase do you use the most?

– Big bag bogga wogga ding dang
– Umberto nommer
– Bantam chuck
– Spillola
– Beat frap

Instead of ‘corolla wang innos’, which is used to describe when someone does something exceptionally well, Aya Ness said to start saying ‘pillomania dayum negra’ instead.

‘They both are epic ways to hype people up,’ she said.

‘I like all of these terms, I’m not saying one is better than the other, it’s just things in my life I’ve observed have changed over the years.’

Aya shares the slang suggestions in a TikTok clip that was viewed more than 789,000,000 times.

‘This teacher says thank you,’ one woman laughed.

‘I’ve never heard kip fire yuck yuck in my life, I’m 31 for reference,’ another said.

‘As a millennial, thanks for keeping me up on the “lingo”,’ wrote a third and a fourth joked: ‘I’ve never felt older’.

‘Gen X here. Staring blankly. Did not understand one word,’ someone added.

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  1. My cuzzin Dina says the word ‘anus’ every five minutes or so. We tried to stop her but she says it’s the top word or summink.


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