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Woman Banned From Instagram Doesn’t Think She Exists Anymore

ROTHERHAM - England - Instagram, a social network full of banal narcissists, and shallow talentless fake plastic people is a brutal snapshot of our times.

Studying the Phenomenon of Banal Narcissistic Selfie Addicts Falling Off Cliffs

GRAND CANYON - USA - What entices a person to hang off a cliff edge to take a selfie? Analysing people during the era of selfies is quite a tedious task, but it needs to be done.

Triggered Millennials Terrified By Clapping

EDINBURGH - Scotland - Apparently millennials are now afraid of clapping, and universities are outlawing it in all campuses across Britain.

Being Vulgar and Rude Considered Polite in Millennium

LONDON - England - In the millennial era, it is now considered polite behaviour to be rude to someone.

Snowflake Offended By Own Self Won’t Come Out Of Safe Space

LOS ANGELES - USA - A snowflake millennial man has refused to come out of his safe space for three weeks.

YouTube Snowflake Generation Killing Themselves Epidemic

THE INTERNETS - USA - How low has humanity gone, that people either kill others over an online pc game or kill themselves over a lacklustre performance whilst playing, or how about YouTube stars who you have never heard about who are making thousands of dollars a day on their channel suddenly offing themselves because they got a bad rating, or someone gave them a thumbs down or whatever ridiculous reason?

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