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YouTube Snowflake Generation Killing Themselves Epidemic

THE INTERNETS - USA - How low has humanity gone, that people either kill others over an online pc game or kill themselves over a lacklustre performance whilst playing, or how about YouTube stars who you have never heard about who are making thousands of dollars a day on their channel suddenly offing themselves because they got a bad rating, or someone gave them a thumbs down or whatever ridiculous reason?

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This is the state of the human condition in the millennial era, where so-called ‘microaggressions‘ cause the death of countless snowflakes too fragile to cope with anything in real life.

The spoiled brats of Western civilisation are an indication of serious decline, these little fairies have been indoctrinated in socialist Marxist political correctness for so long that they don’t have a life any more, and their pathetic social justice projects are all that define them.

How does someone in the Third World look upon these idiots crying over their internet messages, or irrelevant twitter arguments. These words they spout are inconsequential in the scheme of things, and will be consigned to the hard disk of eternal purgatory never to be read ever again.

This is the problem with giving everyone a voice, everyone a channel to express their inane thoughts, and this is why the earth is now surrounded by a mire of shit conversation, inadequate nonsense and utterly pathetic bubbling detritus.

Warhol once said everyone would eventually have their fifteen minutes of fame, and he was unfortunately right, we are now living in a mass market conglomerate nightmare where low-IQ American kids are exploited and elevated to super stardom on YouTube, which equates to absolutely nothing in real-fame measure, however they think they are famous in their own sad little heads. Do they realise how they are being exploited for advertising revenue for the conglomerate? Who knows what goes through their frazzled internet driven minds? Who fucking cares?


Lest we forget the irrelevance of being famous in today’s squalid meat market, where it is hard to name any single one of these people or their accomplishments. To be famous today, is to be just another person in a crowd of many, and this is why it is better not to be famous or even aspire to be amongst the sad pieces of meat that spout their dumbed down low-IQ crap at the screen day in day out. They have absolutely no merit, what have they done, what have they accomplished?

The only stars today worth talking about are the exploiters, the Googles, the Facebooks, the conglomerates who exploit the human cow dung and make money from it. These are the stars, because they are making tonnes of money out of idiots and performing monkeys willing to kill themselves or each other for one second of internet fame.

Let the show go on, just that we don’t want to watch it any more..please…no more…Aaaargh!

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