Sex Robot Prefers Washing Machine Over Human

SAN FRANCISCO - USA - Niles Baccarat, 45, purchased the sex robot from a premier robot dealer two months ago, but has had nothing but problems.


“These robots are meant to adore you and only you. That’s what the salesman told me. I brought her home that night and was immediately disappointed by its behaviour. Carla took one look at me, then told me I was a fat, balding, stinky human with the intelligence level of a cow, she then walked over to the washing machine and started stroking it seductively,” Baccarat recalled.

Luckily, we have consumer rights so Mr. Baccarat called the store from which he purchased the robot.

“They didn’t want to know. They just said the AI was working fine after a diagnostic, and that robots have their own rights too. They should be allowed to choose who they get turned on by as much as humans have a choice. This is when I took the case to the courts.”

The Courts of Justice, recently filed a new law giving sex robots, and any other robot working in human households as many rights as humans. In fact, there are laws being introduced by next year, 2045, that sentient AI robots will be allowed to vote in elections, and even start their own businesses.

Things are therefore not looking up for Mr Baccarat, who has now filed for his sex robot to be scrapped, but the request was emphatically denied.

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